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Urban Transformations Conference
Ethnography: From Praxes to Publics
SWAT Podcast

 The UTS, since 2009, has gathered academics, community residents, activists, professional practitioners, and policymakers to explore issues of gentrification/displacement, demographic shifts, policing public safety, housing affordability, community aesthetics, and all other relevant matters toward creating equitable, inclusive and safe cities. Next UTS will be held in March 2022.


Founded in 2000 as African American Expressions (AAE), this pioneering and cultural think tank was reconstituted in 2020 as the Center for the Ethnographic Study of Public Safety (CESPS) in response to the spate of state violence, both structural and direct, and its ensuing civil unrest.

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Fundamental training for the novice and the expert. Details coming soon.

Every 4th Thursday

Beginning July 2021.

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