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K. Nyerere Turé

Amid anti-racial protests and calls to end police violence in America, Kalfani Turè has emerged as one of the nation’s leading experts on policing.


Turè, a Black man, former police officer and Assistant Professor in Criminal Justice at Quinnipiac and a senior Fellow in the Urban Ethnography Project at Yale Universities, offers a unique prospective on matters of race and law enforcement.


Turè has provided expertise and insight to national media outlets such as “The New York Times,” “USA Today” and the “Associated Press,” and has appeared live on CNN.


A practicing urban ethnographer, Turè earned a postdoctoral certificate in Sociology from Yale University, a Ph.D. in Anthropology from American University, a master’s in Applied Anthropology from Georgia State University and a bachelor’s in African/African American Studies and Criminal Justice from Rutgers.


In addition, he attained policing certifications at the municipal, county and state levels and worked as a police officer in metropolitan Atlanta.


His areas of interest and research include: Race, Place & Urban Crime; Law Enforcement & Urban Community Relations; Police Encounters of African American and Latino Males; Gentrification and Urban Redevelopment; Race and Ethnic Relations; Social Theory; and Ethnographic Methods & Urban Ethnography.


Currently, he is interested in exploring the ethnographic encounters of law enforcement toward stigmatized and urban African Americans. He also is co-writing a publication, "Why Black People Should Train the Police."


Turè has two book projects underway, “Why Black People Should Train the Police” and “Blue Fragility: Why Police Reform has Failed,” as well, he has trained police officers on implicit bias and related use of force implications.

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