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Podcast with Senaida Sharif, LCSW (Biography)

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Do you experience anxiety, stress, and the occasional feelings of uncertainty – uncertainty regarding the best ways to grapple with day-to-day life challenges? If no, you are truly a unicorn, but if yes, you are like millions of other Americans, from all walks of life, who do.


Social Working and Therapy (SWAT) podcast takes head on topics such as poverty, crime, motherhood, public safety, trauma and more, particularly as these matters affect the human condition and mental health. Uniquely, this podcast utilizes ethnography as a way of knowing and as a therapeutic goal.


Senaida Sharif, SWAT’s host, will be join bimonthly with guest every fourth Thursday from 7pm – 8pm.


Please see schedule below:

July 2021 – Mental Health Awareness

September 2021 – Suicide Prevention

November 2021 – Trauma

January 2022 – Loss and Grief

March 2022 – Superwoman Schema

May 2022 – Selfcare: Placing Self at the Center

To join the podcast series, please click here.
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